Kintab Toothpaste Tablets


According to Kintab CEO, Guil Sencio: “The bathroom cabinet is one of the last bastions of single-use plastics in the household.” After acknowledging that plastic toothpaste tubes contributed significantly to plastic waste, Guil developed Kintab as a sustainable alternative for the new generation of eco-conscious consumers. 

But the biggest barrier to launch was to get people familiar with the product, as most still still used traditional toothpaste tubes, unaware toothpaste packaging could take different forms. 

As a result, Kintab (meaning ‘Shine’ in Filipino) worked with creative agency BBDO Guerrero to create and launch a campaign that would connect with consumers and inform them of the greater environmental benefits of brushing with Kintab.

BBDO Guerrero decided to use a long-copy approach to show off the product’s benefits. To give the campaign a fresh, international flair, the agency also hired the design firm Paul Belford Ltd based in London. 

“The first four ads in the campaign serve as the results of the initial collaboration, and the plan is to build out the campaign and brand assets as demand for the product increases,” explains Creative Chairman David Guerrero, 

 Today, the tablets come in fluoride and non-fluoride options and a variety of flavors uisng only the finest ingredients and can be bought at