The Dissolving Bottle Goes Global

Europe welcomes the game-changing Dissolving Bottle!

BBDO Guerrero’s award-winning product design, The Dissolving Bottle, is now available for purchase in Germany and the rest of Europe with the help of their exclusive European distributor from Cologne, LUORO GmbH.

Originally developed in the Philippines to help reduce plastic pollution and save marine ecosystems, the Dissolving Bottle will help make the same change in Europe under the plain b brand. The solid shampoo bar comes in cardboard packaging ditching the traditional plastic bottles that shampoo comes in. It is also carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients and free of artificial additives that ensures a particularly healthy and strong hair structure.

David Guerrero, Creative Chairman at BBDO Guerrero says: “The Dissolving Bottle project has come a long way since the inception of the idea and we believe that it is only the beginning. We are genuinely excited to finally launch this product with our partner, LUORO, who helped not just by bringing this idea beyond the Philippines but for also expanding it and helping spread the promise of a more sustainable lifestyle in Europe.”

LUORO co-founder, Burak Dönmezer says: “We want to start a trend reversal with the Dissolving Bottle. Because if you want to live more sustainably and considerately, you don’t have to turn your whole life upside down, but rather make small but smart decisions in the right places. We want to help with this by offering the Dissolving Bottle, a product that facilitates the turnaround and also convinces you to stay because of its impressive care effect. Sustainability, quality and customer-friendly usability must therefore go hand in hand. That’s why all four variants of The Dissolving Bottle will also be available at the beginning of December in BIPA retail stores.

A month ago, BBDO Guerrero and LUORO, announced their anti-plastic alliance with Berlin-based environmental protection organization CleanHub to utilize an impactful and sustainable consumer experience. Each purchase of The Dissolving Bottle by plain b will help in collecting plastic wastes in coastal communities in Asia and Africa.

The Dissolving Bottle by plain b is now available on ecommerce stores and The 80g solid shampoo bar will be available in four variants, Shiny Rose, Red Blood Orange, Patchouli and Cedar, and Fresh Aloe Vera. It will also be soon available in BIPA stores– the largest specialist health and beauty retailer in Austria.