Re-Dew Scrapboards

On December 16 2021, category-5 Super Typhoon Rai devasted the Philippine Island of Siargao, one of Asia’s leading surfing destinations, leaving little but scrap wood in its wake. To help revive and rebuild the tourism and surfing culture in Siargao, Mountain Dew created the ‘Scrapboards’ under Project Re-Dew – a design initiative that transformed 165 kgs of typhoon debris from Siargao and 125 kgs of upcycled, shredded Mountain Dew PET plastic bottles into unique, full-size surfboard sculptures as a symbols of resilience and hope. The Dew resin acted as a binding agent to hold the pieces of debris together in intricate designs inspired by iconic locations around Siargao. The Scrapboards debuted as the official winners’ trophies for World Surf League’s 2022 International Surfing Cup held in Siargao after years of closure from the typhoon and pandemic. Five boards were eventually auctioned off, where proceeds from the sale will be used to fund the rebuilding of community boats necessary for local tourism and livelihood.