LBC  launches a bold new brand platform with their recently appointed agency, BBDO Guerrero. They put endorsers at the front and center of quirky, character-driven ads, but instead of influencers, LBC has created the ‘Padalakada’, a cast of 3D-animated, everyday objects.  

With the most extensive network nationwide and enhanced digital services, LBC offers a vast range of solutions to send and receive items locally and abroad. The animated characters starred in a series of digital spots and activations that cater to the courier, cargo and remittance services provided by LBC Express.

And who better to speak about these services than the items themselves. LBC’s ‘Padalakada’ are carefully created characters each representing a specific service. Meet Jordy and P. Air, a pair of sneakers, who endorse the brand’s main courier service.  Potricia, a plant pot and momprenuer, represents SoShop!, LBC’s program for social sellers.  Pursee loves k-pop and remitting with LBC. While Phiona the phone and Blesh the blush swoon over an LBC rider on his way to pick them up.  Many more characters round out the cast.

Javier Mantecon, LBC Chief Marketing Officer shares, “We wanted to create a new voice for the brand to reflect the innovations and breadth of services that we offer.  BBDO has been able to bring this to life in a fresh way and we are very excited to share our upcoming programs and offers to the different customers we serve.”

“With LBC’s portfolio of products and services, it was important that we created a consistent platform with the flexibility to tailor messages for different customer segments, “ said BBDO Guerrero Creative Chairman, David Guerrero.  “It’s been a wonderful collaboration with our clients and productions partners and we are very proud of the work we have done together”.

The campaign received the highest ad recall lift on YouTube of 13.4% within the logistics category.