MANILA, PHILIPPINES — You’d think that it doesn’t get any cooler than “viral”, but Mountain Dew Ice and its latest slew of meme-fueled online films beg to differ. The three comical launch videos by creative agency BBDO Guerrero, have already racked up over 15M views with their cool refresh of famous local memes and viral content.

“We wanted to create something that wasn’t just funny and attention-grabbing, but resonated very strongly with the market and of course…the times,” David Guerrero, BBDO Creative Chairman says. “With all of us consuming and generating more memes and viral content than ever, it felt fitting to capture this generation’s spirit through the lens of Internet culture.”

From angry profs to cheesy jowas, each spot delivers a wacky yet strikingly accurate parody that claims (literally and figuratively) everything is “mas cool ‘pag my Ice”, especially when hit with a burst of Dew Ice and its refreshing lemon-lime sarap!

James Reid, the brand’s titular “Dew Idol”, takes the spotlight as you’ve never seen him before. Dew Ice presents: James Reid—online kaklase, oppa, jowa. Every appearance only gets funnier than the last and fans simply couldn’t get enough.

The series puts a refreshing twist to three viral moments.

The first video, entitled “Get that Thirsty”, is a reimagined version of the infamous “Get that thirty!” meme that features a gamer student’s nightmare—getting caught playing Call of Duty in the middle of online class! The comical reenactment features James as the friendly neighborhood kaklase who cleverly defuses the situation and gives a fuming prof the chance to finally get his “mas cool” ending. The video sparked intense and entertaining debates within the comments sections due to the controversial nature of its source material, gaining the most organic reach and over 28.6M total media impressions within the first week alone.

The second (and most popular) video, “K-Dewrama”, spoofs the iconic Korean romantic chase scene in vivid detail. The video pulls out all the stops—from the frozen bokeh effect and cheesy slow-mos on repeat, down to the characters’ entirely Korean dialogue. Add in the epic twist of James Reid in a bowl cut and watch the Internet explode. The video is the most shared piece of content in Mountain Dew Philippines history, gaining over 1M views on Twitter in less than 10 hours.

The final installment of the Dew Ice series, entitled “Me and My Dew Ice”, takes its cue from the wildly popular local TikTok trend, “Me and My Jowa”. The ad parodies the original post, featuring a leading girl with an uncanny likeness to the creator. But before she can even begin lamenting about her boyfriend, she’s interrupted by Dew Ice held by a dreamy, doting James. At over 6.4M views on Facebook and Twitter alone, the final spot is the most highly viewed video of Mountain Dew Philippines ever.

“There has been an outpouring of engagement and praise for our “Mas Cool ‘Pag May Ice” campaign presenting such a bold and unconventional take on modern Filipino meme-culture. From polarizing online debates to the full-on explosion of fandoms—the reception of all three videos has been absolutely thrilling, to say the least,” Mikey Rosales, PepsiCo Marketing Director shares on the campaign’s massive positive response.

Days after the launch of the videos, Dew Ice released an augmented reality filter on Instagram that lets fans insert their faces into select scenarios to really make the videos ‘mas cool’ in their own way. The online video series continues to spark a barrage of user generated content, witty memes, GIFs, and creative online responses that have yet to slow down.



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