BBDO Guerrero is introducing The Dissolving Bottle – an open-source re-design of traditional shampoo packaging, giving it an eco-friendly makeover. It aims to make shampoo bars more intuitive by giving them a shape similar to the kind of small bottles used in hotels. The BBC’s Howard Johnson calls it the shampoo bottle that’s “100% Pinoy. 0% Plastic.”

The product has been tested with some hotels on Boracay island. One resort owner, Julia Lervik, said, “I love the project of the dissolving shampoo bottle! It gives hope for a better future. One of the big problems we have today is product packaging, and this is the perfect solution for less waste.”

BBDO Guerrero Creative Chairman David Guerrero says, “We have long been involved with campaigns to fight plastic waste. And with The Dissolving Bottle we have a solution that can clean your hair without a bottle.’”

Each bar replaces a 90ml bottle of shampoo, weighs 130 grams, and is made with all-organic ingredients by local Filipino manufacturer The Naturale Market.

Partner brands have the chance to customize their own versions of The Dissolving Bottle and the agency is also offering to supply the molds at cost to artisanal producers for community livelihood projects. Interested parties can find out more at