The Tubeless Toothpaste


BBDO Guerrero calls to keep the oceans clean with Kintab’s tubeless toothpaste

For decades, we’ve been conditioned to see that toothpaste belongs in plastic tubes. But consumers neglect to see how it affects our environment and wildlife once these toothpaste tubes are discarded in billions annually and most of them end up in our seas. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation predicts that our current patterns will lead to more plastics than fish in our oceans by 2050.

To address the unsustainable practice of oral healthcare in the Philippines, Kintab, a leading local brand, developed toothpaste tablets that come in glass jars. These tablets function the same way any toothpaste works, simply crunch one and brush your teeth. They also come in refillable packs which eliminates the further need for any single-use plastic.

However, due to the strong association of toothpaste with its traditional tube packaging, Kintab tooth tablets faced a challenge in connecting with customers who encountered the unusual product design on store shelves for the first time. To tackle this consumer confusion, BBDO Guerrero, the creative agency behind the multi-award-winning campaign The Dissolving Bottle, developed an effective solution.

A reusable paper sleeve was placed over the inverted bottle, transforming its appearance to resemble a toothpaste tube that consumers are familiar with.  A printed copy was also included in the sleeves, providing direct guidance to potential buyers on how they can help contribute to saving the planet, simply by brushing their teeth.

Guil Sencio, Kintab’s co-founder said: “We know that the bathroom cabinet is the last bastion of single-use plastic in the household. With our vegan and locally sourced toothpaste alternative, we are aiming to transform the Philippine oral care industry to be more ethical and eco-friendlier in the hopes that Filipinos can make their dental hygiene practices a lot more sustainable.”

“We believe that a simple redesign can do wonders to everyday products. Our partnership with Kintab is a testament of how the creative industry can proudly contribute to furthering local businesses and championing environmental sustainability.” said David Guerrero, BBDO Guerrero’s Creative Chairman.

The sleeves were distributed to all Kintab’s partner stores nationwide. Customers can also free themselves of guilt as these sleeves can be left behind in the stores, making them usable again for other potential buyers – guaranteeing an option of a zero-waste buy when bringing Kintab’s tooth tablets home.