Lay’s Stax Deliciously Distracting


Get deliciously distracted with BBDO Guerrero’s new spot for Lay’s Stax

Filipinos have a huge affinity for potato chip snacks. It is the perfect way to pass the time when you have to wait for something or if you are simply bored. But nothing beats Lay’s Stax when it comes to delivering the crunchy bite balanced with just the right amount of taste.

Frito-Lay, through creative agency BBDO Guerrero, has launched a spot encapsulating how deliciously distracting snacking on a can of Lay’s Stax is. Starring Filipino celebrity and actor Daniel Padilla, the video depicts how two young female fans couldn’t even pay attention to their idol as they simply snack down on a can of Lay’s Stax. 

Engineered for the perfect bite size and just the right flavor profile – it even comes with its own adjective that perfectly describes the experience “Yummazing” and “Snacktastic”!

Rachelle Virata, Marketing Manager at Frito-Lay said “Every once in a while, we could use a delicious distraction that takes our mind off of things like waiting and that’s what the comfort and satisfaction that Stax provides is for. We are excited to have worked with BBDO Guerrero in launching this campaign.”

Emman Carandang, Creative Director and Head of Art at BBDO Guerrero said “We want to take the viewer to a familiar multisensory experience. It isn’t enough to simply just show the product, we also want to remind the viewers of how comfortable snacking with Stax is through auditory signals.”

The spot ends with Padilla also enjoying his own can of Lay’s Stax after a long day of filming on set, proving that no one couldn’t resist the delicious distraction that Stax provides. Lay’s Stax is currently available in four flavors: Original, Extra Cheese, Sour Cream & Onion, and Barbecue.