NUJP | Fakeblok



Fakeblok was launched to help stop the spread of fake news. It’s a Google Chrome plug-in that filters out fake news sites on your Facebook feed. Journalists review and veto reported sites, actively involving them behind the scenes. Once a news site gets tagged as fake, anyone with the plug-in would be alerted on their feed —making them think twice about sharing. Fakeblok was first launched at a closed-door session with journalists and publishers. Soon after, the NUJP announced Fakeblok on Facebook, directly hitting those who consume their news online.

With over 3,000 shares, the post that announced Fakeblok became the most-shared in NUJP’s history. Within a week of its public launch, 7,205 downloads were made. Conversations about Fakeblok and the value of real news appeared all over social media. To date, there have been 18,000 flagged articles, which have been blocked 1,072,880 times across newsfeeds. Over 21,457,600 views of fake news were prevented. With zero budget, Fakeblok earned Php 1,072,880 in media value. Today, journalists and news organizations, including the country’s leading online news site, Rappler, have expressed interest in partnering with NUJP to promote Fakeblok.

  • Boomerang Awards 2017 - The Good Boomerang
  • Boomerang Awards 2017 - Effectiveness (Utility)
  • Boomerang Awards 2017 - Campaign (NGO's)
  • Kidlat Awards 2018 - Digital Solutions
  • Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2018 - Responsible Citizenship
  • Asia-Pacific Tambuli Awards 2018 - Advocacy