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Minola and BBDO Guerrero encourage young cooks to listen to experts

Traditionally, Filipinos learn how to cook from direct demonstrations from their family members. These recipes and techniques get passed down from one family member to another – preserving the unique and signature style of cooking by each family.

Nowadays, young adults who want to try their hand out in cooking can simply tap the internet and search for how-to’s and recipes. Minola, one of the most established and trusted cooking oils in the Philippines, is here to remind you that sometimes, it’s best to learn from the experts.

Together with BBDO Guerrero, Minola created a spot that tapped one of the biggest young actors in the Philippines, Joshua Garcia. The video begins with Joshua teaching himself how to cook by following the instructions he seemingly watches from a video. He stumbles here and there but still manages to complete the dish as he uses Minola’s Premium Coconut Cooking Oil. As the spot ends, viewers then see that Joshua is following instructions from his mother through a video call cementing the idea that mothers still know best when it comes to cooking.

Joyce Deapera, Trade Marketing Manager at Minola said: “Times are changing, younger audiences are adapting to technological advancements that help them discover things for themselves. At Minola, we believe that there is an advantage in trusting the experts to help you discover your passion for anything culinary.”

“It is imperative that we deliver more than just the eye-catching and mouth-watering food shots but also highlight the cultural norm of learning from the experts in the family. It is a great way to show that even with the advent of the internet, the best ways still rely on learning from the best and using the best like Minola.“ said Emman Carandang, Creative Director at BBDO Guerrero.

Minola’s Premium Coconut Cooking Oil comes with Lauric Oil which is scientifically proven to help boost immunity and has no cholesterol – helping younger cooks to try their hand in making healthy and tasty dishes at home with the help of quality and premium ingredients.