What data says (and what it means) by David Guerrero

From data to selfies to how brands making headway in the Philippines.

One of the priceless moments of Cannes 2015 was when TV (and real life) physics professor Brian Cox asked his audience “who is John Hegarty? is he anyone important?”. As the crowd and presenter both let out a quick gasp, Cox went on to argue that ‘overuse of data’ could never be a bad thing, in contrast to Sir John’s quoted assertion that it leads to bland, ‘wind-tunnel’ strategies. Ignore data at your peril.

In light of that, we approach the list of top brands in The Philippines with a good deal of respect. The data says these are the top trademarks in Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy. They are the brands the nation’s consumers have named as ‘best’ in a variety of categories. So what does the ranking tell us?

Let’s start with the top five: Samsung, Nestle, Sony, Apple and Nike.

The Philippines is the per capita ‘selfie’ capital of the world according to Time Magazine. So all that capturing, uploading and sharing explains the strong showing of the three tech brands Samsung, Sony and Apple (along with Nike to stay looking good). And with a population of 100 million, plus another 10 million living/working overseas, it’s safe to say the need for communication is driving these brands to the top. Which is why you’ll also find Google, Yahoo and Facebook high on the list. The latter has partnered with the survey’s preferred telco, Globe Telecom, to offer phone subscribers free access to the social network. There’s also a lot of Starbucks WiFi being consumed along with its coffee, as any visit to the islands will confirm.