Pinoys support Ringo Starr in social media campaign

Ely Buendia, a certified Beatles fan, has taken up a new cause. Buendia is backing a call for “Postcards from Paradise” to support Ringo Starr’s latest album.

Recently, Starr asked his fans to use social media to show off postcards of images they considered to be “paradise.”

This is where David Guerrero, BBDO Guerrero’s Chief Creative Officer, came in. Guerrero wanted to call on the public to tag Starr with postcards from the Philippines. Guerrero is not a stranger to projects like this as BBDO led the internationally-acclaimed “It’s More Fun in The Philippines” campaign.

Guerrero shared this idea with Ely Buendia, Erwin Romulo and other Beatles fans who all agreed that it’s time to make up for the band’s forgettable 1966 Manila visit.