Englishman makes pitch for PH for the fun of it

We have watched versions of “making a movie”—giving us a peek into the direction and production of a blockbuster.

Whether about Superman, or Batman, or Spider-Man, or the Lord of the Rings, interviews about such films are a delight to the viewers.

Viewers enjoy the vicarious experience of, maybe, being part of the directorial or production crew.

It’s like being given the rare privilege of taking a peek into a location shooting of Clark Kent morphing into Superman in one quick circling motion!

The book featured in this “Executive Read” does much more than focus on the production of a piece of art.

The book titled “Advertising More Fun in the Philippines” is, first, the story of the author shuttling from England to the Philippines and discovering exciting and intriguing things about the latter.

Second, the book bubbles with the thrilling and suspense-filled narrative on how the “mother of all ads” (phrase is mine) for the Philippines was contested, created—and won by an advertising agency.

Recruiting an Englishman

The story began when Tony Harris was in London and told by a head hunter that an “executive search” for a CEO had been launched by a leading advertising agency in the Philippines.

It was supposed to be a search for a CEO by BBDO Guerrero, a leading Philippine-based advertising firm with so many awards attached to its name and headed by David Guerrero, the firm’s head and creative director.

Guerrero is known, among others, for being the creative director behind the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” tourism campaign.

But that’s getting ahead of the story.