David Guerrero talks about the Ringo Starr social media campaign on ANC’s Headstart

On the morning of April 17, 2015, David Guerrero, along with Ely Buendia and Erwin Romulo, shared the story of the newest social media campaign circulating around the world. By means of a video clip, the unfortunate story of the Beatles’ visit to the Philippines in 1966 was imparted in ANC’s morning show hosted by Karen Davila entitled ‘Headstart.’

Almost 50 years after the incident, Ringo Starr, former Beatles band member has come out with a new album called Postcards from Paradise. With that, certified Beatles fans David Guerrero, Ely Buendia, Erwin Romulo, and Lyle Sacris, have taken up the role of changing Starr’s mind. They have come up with a new social media movement that encourages the general public to respond to Ringo.

Considered by many as a paradise, fans are urged to send postcards from the Philippines to Ringo in order to invite him back to the country—showing that it’s now more fun in the Philippines.

The launch of his album became the tool that sparked off an idea that could possibly redeem the country’s name. Here are the mechanics: