City of Dreams beckons

World-class gaming. Are you in? CITY OF DREAMS This is the teaser of a message that is carried on one of the city’s billboards for City of Dreams.

I linked this to a TV commercial that is currently running. The first time I caught the 30-second City of Dreams ad was before the papal visit. I was completely impressed with BBDO Guerrero’s casting of Hollywood icons Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro, and Martin Scorsese. “Must be a terrifically expensive TVC production; must be quite a big client to be able to afford such a big-budgeted production!” was my immediate reaction.

At that time, I had absolutely no idea what or where City of Dreams was. Catching the material a second time, I began to wonder if it was a trailer for an honest-to-goodness Hollywood film.

After the long holiday, my curiosity was piqued with the addition of the below-the-line materials. I decided to call David Guerrero, the BBDO Guerrero top dog, who I figured could unravel the mystery. “It’s commissioned content for another company,” was David’s quick reply.

He added that BBDO won the City of Dreams account in a pitch that was held in Macao last year. What’s running on TV is adapted from a trailer for a short film entitled The Audition. BBDO’s Paolo Acosta explained that the film was directed by Scorsese and starred De Niro, DiCaprio and Scorsese himself.