BBDO Guerrero wins top innovation prize at the Boomerangs

BBDO Guerrero wins the Top Award for Innovative Excellence and a Gold Boomerang at the 8th Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines’ (IMAAP) Boomerang Awards for its digital campaign developed for Chalcot Audio Inc. – publishers of the first English Audiobook of Noli Me Tangere on the Apple store.

Noli Me Tangere is one of the Philippines’ most famous historical novels. While the novel’s themes are still highly relevant to present-day society, the format needed to change to appeal to the present Filipino.

For the digital generation to connect again with Noli, an audio book version read by British actor Richard E. Grant was released.

BBDO creative talents Dale Lopez, Ana Alcala and Michelle Edu collaborated with the agency’s Innovations Director Anna Bigornia to bring to life the novel’s most ‘untouchable’ characters by creating drawn portraits of them that actually spoke whenever they were touched.

Portraits of Noli characters were painted on bare boards using conductive ink. When touched, the circuits on the boards would close and play a quote from key characters. This made an otherwise scholarly medium more relatable to the present generation by making its content easily consumable.

Roshan Nandwani, Head of Digital of BBDO Guerrero said, “This was an exciting project for us as we were able to leverage on a relevant piece of technology to get a message out – going beyond a regular communications approach. We are so happy to see this being recognized and hope that we are able to continue to deliver this type of work“