BBDO Guerrero wins top honours at 2015 Adobo Design Awards

At this year’s Adobo Design Awards, BBDO Guerrero ended a successful night the much-coveted Best in Show Award, along with the Lucille Tenezas Special Award. The agency also won two Golds, two Silvers and five Bronzes.

The agency won five Bronzes in several categories for DOT “Manila” TV commercial, Crap Ideas book and Noli Me Tangere illustration. Two Silvers were won for its work on DOT “Clouds” TV commercial and the Noli Me Tangere outdoor activation. And two Golds for its “Keep The Story Alive” campaign for National Union of Journalists (NUJP). This NUJP campaign was later judged as Best in Show, and also earned the Lucille Tenazas Special Award.

In collaboration with National Union of Journalists of the Philippines, BBDO Guerrero created a campaign that aimed to remind people of the massacre that killed 32 journalists 5 years ago, and no conviction has yet been made since then. The NUJP campaign encompassed print, social, and an installation that recreated the initial front-page image of the massacre.

With a touch of the conductive ink used to illustrate the characters of the novel Noli Me Tangere, quotes from the book could be heard in the Noli outdoor activation. It’s a device to help everyone appreciate the words of national hero Jose Rizal, and it now can be heard on mobile phones or tablets via the Noli app.

The “Manila” and “Cloud” commercials are some of the spots produced for the Department of Tourism last year that highlight Manila as a shopping destination and Siargao as a surfing capital in the Philippines.

The Crap Ideas book, written by David Guerrero and Meggy de Guzman, talks about a creative process of arriving at great ideas and it is based on the Sturgeon’s Law that dictates “90% of everything is crap”. So, if only 1 out of 10 ideas will be any good, the more ideas one can come up with, the more chances of arriving at a really good one.

This marks the third Grand Prix BBDO Guerrero has been honoured with this year, coming from recently winning the top awards at the 2015 Adfest and 2015 Kidlat Awards.

David Guerrero, Creative Chairman of BBDO Guerrero said: “We are humbled to get this recognition from such an illustrious jury. And more so by the importance of the cause which the piece aimed to highlight. Thanks to the dedication of our entire team this is now our third Grand Prix in three months for three different clients – NUJP, Department of Tourism and Pantene. So massive congratulations to all of them.”