BBDO Guerrero launches Johnson’s Baby #playforreal online film

Moms believe that playtime is important. But these days, they have begun to equate playtime with gadgets and discovery with Apps. Toddlers are now spending increasing hours of their day with tablets and smartphones in place of real active play.

Johnson & Johnson’s believes that playtime is so much more than just play. They have discovered that when a child plays for real, their senses become engaged, helping them learn more about the world around them. According to studies, active playtime activities are essential for a child’s cognitive, physical, and social development through sensory experiences. It is during play where motor skills, visual tracking, and hand-eye coordination are strengthened.

That’s why Johnson & Johnson’s together with BBDO Guerrero launched the #playforreal campaign in an effort to take back the real definition of play. In a time where gadgets like smartphones and tablets have become the alternative to real play, moms needed to be reminded that active sensorial play is still best for a child’s development. They conducted an experiment on children exposed to an environment where they could play for real.

The experiment video involved mothers who saw gadgets as an alternative to real play for their toddlers. The video featured different toddlers exposed to real play while capturing their moments of discovery and learning. These were then shown to the mothers for them to witness first hand the benefits of real play. Moms saw how playing for real transformed their children with every moment of learning and discovery, versus playing with gadgets.

The campaign aims to remind moms that while they might see it as just play, to a child, it really is so much more.