BBDO Guerrero launches campaign that teaches moms sharing isn’t always good

Johnson’s has spent more than 100 years studying childcare products with a line of liquid wash made specially for growing skin. But most moms still find it easier to share family soap with their kids, unaware of the irritations it can cause. So Johnson’s and BBDO Guerrero launched a campaign to teach moms the bad side of sharing.

At the heart of the campaign is a book about sharing, targeted to help moms and kids bond. But hidden in the book is also a story about not sharing. The story is revealed when read with mom’s specially designed sharing shades. The book has been made available in-store as well as on tumblr.

“There’s a different side to every story. Even when it comes to sharing,” says Crismer Tiria, Johnson’s Brand Manager. “With this campaign, moms and kids can learn about sharing together, while learning different things.”

Also part of the campaign is a beautifully illustrated digital sharing book, which can be downloaded at .

The book has been promoted with posters online and on-ground. And films have been released to teach moms and kids about the good stuff growing skin needs.